The Mission of Sharp Again Naturally

Sharp Again Naturally’s mission is to educate the public and medical community about reversible causes of dementia, and to advocate for new testing and treatment protocols.

To accomplish its mission, Sharp Again uses live presentations, social and multimedia outreach, an online resource library and information clearinghouse, and a collaborative network of like-minded individuals and organizations to spread the good news far and wide.

The impetus for this work is the welcome news that dozens—even hundreds—of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia have slowed and reversed their symptoms, often completely, including members of the Sharp Again team. This insight came through Health Advocates Worldwide filmmakers Patricia Tamowski and Alan Scott Douglas. Their remarkable research revealed to them the multi-causal nature of dementia and put them in touch with experts in treating these various causes. This research led them to the same basic conclusions that underlay the ground-breaking study just announced by UCLA and the Buck Institute.

Some say that if a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s is reversed, then it wasn’t Alzheimer’s, and they may be correct—without an autopsy and clearer consensus on what Alzheimer’s is, no one knows for sure. But Sharp Again focuses less on specific diagnoses than on the symptoms of dementia and the fact that even severe symptoms of dementia have been and continue to be reversed.

At present, Sharp Again Naturally’s main strategy for accomplishing its mission includes three main elements:

  • Documentary video that brings together scattered information regarding documented cases in which a variety of treatment strategies, singly or in combination, have reversed dementia. The documentary will be rolled out on the web and made available either free or at a nominal cost.
  • An information clearinghouse for ongoing research and education to assist families and their physicians seeking to learn more about these testing and treatment protocols for themselves and/or others.
  • An inquiry into what forms of practical assistance and support could be provided, on-line and face-to-face, for people desiring to implement the protocol in their own lives or the lives of someone they care about.