As a medical professional, seeing a patient with the unmistakable signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia may put you in a quandary. You wish you could do more than prescribe a drug that has been shown to have limited effectiveness, but you don’t know what other treatments might be available. Sharp Again Naturally’s identification of 10 reversible causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s offers a multi-casual, multi-therapeutic approach that is backed up by scientific research (see Guidelines below). Now we know there are clear steps for identifying and treating the underlying causes of dementia symptoms.

The incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease has been increasing at a steady rate, with the US having a disproportionate percentage of cases worldwide. Over 5 million people in the US alone are estimated to have a dementia-related illness. With the population greying and the disease being diagnosed at younger and younger ages, this number will only increase, with devastating consequences economically, socially and personally.

What is causing the increase in this diagnosis? Sharp Again Naturally has found that there is a variety of nutritional, lifestyle, environmental, and systemic factors that cause the symptoms of dementia, that are preventable and even reversible. When medical professionals and their patients are educated and aware, they have the tools to take action.  

The primary way these factors affect brain function is by interfering with the body’s ability to rid itself of toxic buildup. The chemicals ubiquitous in today’s food sources and the environment, coupled with stress and a more sedentary lifestyle, have hampered the body’s ability to effectively cleanse itself. Toxins build up in different parts of the body, including the brain, leading to chronic inflammation and often the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Equally important, these causative factors disrupt the intestinal tract, what we are all coming to know as the “gut microbiome”—without which neither the body nor the brain can function properly. An unhealthy gut and poor elimination impede the absorption of nutrients, predispose us to illness, and make it much more difficult for the body to detoxify. It is crucial to repair and restore the gut before starting any detoxification protocols.

With the guidance of our Medical and Dental Advisory Board (MDAB), Sharp Again Naturally has developed three tools to assist you in developing treatment plans for your dementia patients: 

  • The What is My Risk? Questionnaire helps patients to determine the most likely cause(s) for their memory issues. The questionnaire can be downloaded in its entirety or filled out by section. The results will help you choose which causes to tackle first in developing a treatment plan.
  • The Road Map to Clarity dives deeply into what specific steps can be taken to address each of the 10 Reversible Causes. It can be downloaded and printed out to give to your patients for informational purposes.
  • The Guidelines provide in-depth information about diagnosing and treating each reversible cause. The material is designed to be generally comprehensible to the lay person but includes scientific terminology, research studies and citations specifically for practitioners.

None of these tools is a substitute for professional medical treatment. SAN realizes that everyone’s body is unique, so no set of rules can possibly be right for every person. These tools help to facilitate the conversation about treating dementia among dementia patients, their families and their health care practitioners. Speaking more broadly, we fervently hope that as a health care professional, you will use these tools to help bring about a paradigm shift in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia.