The mission of Sharp Again Naturally (SAN) is to educate the public and medical community about preventing and reversing multiple causes of memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, and to advocate for new testing and treatment protocols.

To accomplish its mission, Sharp Again uses live presentations, social and multimedia outreach, an online resource library, and a collaborative network of like-minded individuals and organizations to spread the good news.

How We Got Started
The inspiration for this work is the welcome news that hundreds of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia have slowed and reversed their symptoms, often completely, including members of the Sharp Again team. This insight came to us in 2011 through filmmakers Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas of Health Advocates Worldwide. Their remarkable research revealed the multi-causal nature of dementia and put them in touch with experts who treat these various causes. Patricia and Scott have filmed over 50 hours of interviews with dementia patients, their doctors, family members and caregivers and plan to make a documentary film as soon as funds are available.

SAN was delighted and encouraged by the research of Dr. Dale Bredesen of UCLA and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, whose small groundbreaking 2014 study posted a 90% success rate using a similar multi-causal, multi-therapeutic approach. All subjects had mild to moderate dementia, and those who had to quit work all resumed their jobs.

To establish credibility and create materials for both the medical and lay communities, SAN established its Medical and Dental Advisory Board in late 2014. These professionals review new research as it is published, promote the multi-therapeutic approach for treating cognitive impairment with patients and colleagues, and continue to work on the Guidelines, which assist the medical and dental community in understanding and treating the causes of dementia.

The Near Future
It is the hope of Sharp Again Naturally that this new paradigm for treating memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease will become the standard treatment for all dementia patients, and that no one will suffer the long slow decline of Alzheimer’s Disease unnecessarily.

To do this, we need your help. In order to continue bringing this good news to the public and the medical community, we must build our capacity to:
1. Reach the people who need to hear this message;
2. Attract Board members with specific skills, who are passionate about our mission, and who bring others to the table to creatively problem-solve;
3. Raise the much-needed funds required to implement our programs, and move this effort forward.